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Name Ticker Description of Fund
Falah Russell-IdealRatings U.S. Large Cap ETF FIA

The Fund follows a rules-based investment strategy to track the Russell-IdealRatings Islamic U.S. Large Cap Index


The Russell-IdealRatings Islamic U.S. Large Cap Index has been licensed from Russell Investments for use by Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC and Falah Capital, Inc. Falah Capital Funds are not sponsored, endorsed, issued, sold, or promoted by Russell Investments, nor does this company make any representations regarding the advisability of investing in the Falah Capital Funds. One may not directly invest in an index.

This information is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy shares of any Funds to any person in any jurisdiction in which an offer, solicitation, purchase or sale would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction.

Shares are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the Funds. Brokerage commissions will decrease returns.

Carefully consider the Funds' investment objectives, risk factors, charges and expenses before investing. This and additional information can be found in the Funds’ prospectus, which may be obtained by clicking here. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. The Fund has the same risks as the underlying securities traded on the exchange throughout the day. Redemptions are limited and often commissions are charged on each trade, and ETFs may trade at a premium or discount to their net asset value. The fund is non-diversified, meaning it may concentrate its assets in fewer individual holdings than a diversified fund. Therefore, the Fund is more exposed to individual stock volatility than a diversified fund. The Funds may experience tracking error to a greater extent than a fund that seeks to replicate an index. The Funds are not actively managed and may be affected by a general decline in market segments related to the index. Unlike mutual funds, ETFs may trade at a premium or discount to their net asset value.

Please consult your tax advisor about the tax consequences of an investment in Fund shares, including the possible application of foreign, state, and local tax laws.

Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC serves as the investment advisor and Falah Capital serves as sub advisor to the Funds. The Funds are distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC, which is not affiliated with Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC or any of its affiliates.